SMSF Loans

Self Managed Super Fund Loans

As a result of amendments in September 2007 to the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) (SIS) Act 1993, it is now possible for a regulated superannuation fund to borrow to acquire a property under strict specific conditions.

This gives SMSFs the option to be able to purchase real estate through their super fund, further diversifying their investments. Mortgage One can has access to several lenders that have a product available to SMSFs for this purpose.

Do the members or directors of the SMSF need to guarantee the SMSF loan?

Features of a SMSF purchasing property

How can a SMSF purchase a property using a SMSF loan?

How does the SMSF loan structure work?

What are the loan features for a SMSF loan?

What are the Stamp Duty and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Implications of a SMSF borrowings?

What is the cost of setting up a SMSF loan?

What is the maximum loan amount of a SMSF loan?

What is the maximum LVR for SMSF loans?

What is the maximum term for a SMSF loan?

What types of properties are acceptable securities for SMSF loan?


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