Introductory Home Loans

Also know as ‘Honeymoon’ Loans. These loans are Standard Variable Home Loans that offer a discount period for an introductory period which is commonly 12 months. The Introductory rate is either guaranteed for the introductory period or a discount off the Standard Variable Rate is offered for the introductory period. Interest Only periods are available for investment loans only.

Guaranteed Rate:

When the rate is guaranteed it is fixed for the introductory period. During the fixed introductory period limited extra repayments are only allowed and all the Standard Variable Home Loan features are not available during the fixed introductory period.

Discount Rate:

When the rate is discounted it is still variable and subject rate increases and decreases however the rate is always below the standard variable rate by the amount of the discount.

Introductory loans provide provides you with a head start on paying off your home loan. At the end of the introductory period, your loan reverts to the Standard Variable Home Loan. Or if you like, you can choose another home loan option. Introductory Home Loans are only available for new loans and have a penalty for repayment of the majority of the loan within 5 years.

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