Construction Home Loans

Whether you have decided to undertake extensive renovations to your home or knock down and rebuild your dream home a construction loan will give you the funds you need to complete your building project. Construction Loans are available when the construction is carried out by Owner Builders or Licensed Builders.

Benefits of a Construction Home Loan

A construction home loan provides the flexibility required to fund your construction projects with funds being drawn down as your builder completes various stages of the build. Money is released as each stage of the construction is complete, ensuring that there is always sufficient funds to complete your home. Funds are generally progressively paid at the following stages:


1.  Slab/Flooring complete  Site works complete, sub floor services installed, slab/flooring complete 
2. Framing Complete Walls and roof framing complete, services roughed in
3. Lock Up Roof complete, services installed, windows and doors installed
4. Fit out Complete Walls lined, joinery installed, tiling complete and external driveways and paths complete
5. Practical Completion Prime Cost (PC) items to be installed, paint to be touched up
6. Completion The occupation certificate has been used by the certifying authority


Progressive draw downs means you only pay interest on the money you’re using for any particular stage. This lets you add to the value of your home as you build, and increase the equity you have available to finance the next stages.

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